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Jonathan Reid Family Rights Coalition
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Mission Statement

     The Jonathan Reid Family Rights Coalition is committed to advocating to ensure that the Department of Children and Family Services complies with the Federal Reasonable Effort Act Law of 1980. This act was adopted to assist the Child Welfare Act (Public Law 96-272, 42 U.S.C. section 620 et. seq., and section 670 et. seq.). The Reasonable Effort Law requires that agencies prior to detaining a child into foster care, must show reasonable efforts through financial in-kind benefits or counseling assistance, etc. to maintain the child within their own home. The Child Welfare Act prohibits the use of federal funds for any child unless a Court has determine an agencies has complied with the Reasonable Efforts Law.


      The Jonathan Reid Family Rights Coalition is committed to providing high quality services at an affordable cost to the community in an attempt to reunify families.


The information contained on this website is being provided as general information, and is not intented to be taken as legal advice or to provide legal strategy on how to process in your legal matter.


Please consult an attorney for all legal questions and legal strategy. 


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