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The Jonathan Reid Family Rights Coalition is committed to ensuring that the Department of Children and Family Services appropriately applies the Congressional Reasonable Efforts Act Law of 1980, this particular law was adopted to assist the Child Welfare Act (Public Law 96-272, 42 U.S.C. Section 620 et. seq., and Section 670 et. seq., that requires prior to placing a child in a agency, there must be reasonable efforts (financial or in-kind benefits or counseling assistance) to maintain the child in the home. To ensure agency compliance with this Act, Congress prohibited the use of foster care payments for any child unless a court has determined that the reasonable efforts were made. We will ensure that these are not mere words permanently a fixed on juvenile dependency court minute orders, but are used to protect families from being unfairly disrupted or intruded on unnecessarily by the government without fairly applying the "Reasonable Effect Law" to every family.

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In Memory of Jonathan Reid
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